Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Amanda, Maynard MA


While my husband was deep in the midst of deployment, I was deep in the battle on the homefront with the health of my oldest daughter. She has had nutritional problems since birth, but it seemed during a huge growth spurt at age 5, everything just got worse. We were at Children’s Hospital on a weekly basis for this test or that. One of the biggest things that needed to be addressed was her teeth. There was nearly no enamel on them, especially the molars. She needed extensive dental work and needed to be put under for surgery for it. The cost was outrageous. But in order to even book the operating room, I needed the down payment right away. The Military Friends Foundation helped me right away. I submitted an application and not long afterwards received a check to give to the dentist to book her surgery! A few weeks later, and after what turned out to be a 5 hour surgery, her mouth was healthy again! A huge thanks to Military Friends for helping us so quickly in our time of need.

Amanda, Maynard MA


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