Saturday, September 23rd, 2023



I would like to thank you and Military Friends Foundation for helping us send off our men in the 1-182 in such style this past Sunday. Although it is always hard to say goodbye, knowing that we families know where to turn while our men are away takes a huge burden off of our shoulders.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank you for having what my children call “photo bookmarks” available. My husband must have spent many minutes in that booth taking turns with our two children as well as myself. He’s probably never been photographed so much at one time!! It is a fabulous “take away” and we all cherish the photos.

As the Chair of the 1-182 B Company’s FRG I would personally like to thank the MFF for the $10,000 grant that we received. I understand the money will be divided throughout the entire battalion. That money will be able to help us do wonders for the men, their families, and all of their morale.

I feel as though “thank you” just isn’t enough, but I do not have stronger words.

I suppose Thank you will have to suffice.

Many Thanks.


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