Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Keeping Soldiers Home Veterans Connect With Their Families


Massachusetts Holyoke and Chelsea Soldiers Homes are home to 500 veterans.  In recent days, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard at nursing homes around the country and especially hard at Holyoke Soldier home where more than forty veterans have passed away from the disease.  The MA National Guard has been mobilized to give support to the hundreds of now isolated residents and staff. 

“We learned from the MA National Guard that many of these Veterans are only able to connect with their families one or twice week,” said Sarah Sweeney, Executive Director and Army Wife of Military Friends Foundation. Military Friends Foundation through its newly formed “COVID-19 MA Military Family Relief Fund” will provide  iPad for Veterans and Families to video conference frequently.

Military Friends Foundation will donate to both Soldiers Homes and the donation of 20 iPads to Holyoke is a collaboration with the MA Veterans of Foreign Wars and the veterans service officers. The MA National Guardmembers will aid with logistics at Holyoke to ensure families can immediately communicate with their loved ones via video.  


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