Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Adopt-A-Unit: 182nd Infantry Battalion


The Military Friends Foundation, a non-profit proudly serving Massachusetts National Guard, Reserve and Gold Star Families, announced today that the Massachusetts National Guard’s 182nd Infantry Battalion will be receiving support from citizens here at home after being named the Foundation’s 2011 “Adopt-A-Unit” Recipient.   The 182nd Infantry Battalion, made up of more than 800 Soldiers including Companies from Melrose, Middleboro, and Braintree, will mobilized this Sunday for a year-long tour in Afghanistan.

Major Eric J. Dinoto, Executive Officer of 182nd Infantry Battalion (third from left) and SGM Jim Kelly (Ret.), President of the Military Friends Foundation (center), and members of the 182nd Infantry Battalion.

As the “Adopt-A-Unit” recipient, the 182nd will receive a $10,000 Military Friends Foundation grant towards multiple programs over the next year to support unit morale during their deployment.  “The stresses of a deployment on soldiers are great.  The Military Friends ‘Adopt-A-Unit’ program makes the down time in theater go by a little faster and I’m grateful for this support from the homefront,” said Brigadier General Thomas Sellars, Land Component Commander for the Massachusetts Army National Guard. “The adoption of our Battalion truly helps us help our soldiers.  We are grateful to the supporters of the Military Friends Foundation for their generosity,” said Lieutenant Colonel Tom Stewart, Commander for the 182nd.   As an Infantry Battalion, the 182nd is traditionally composed of younger and lower enlisted soldiers many who have faced multiple deployments in recent years.

The Military Friends Foundation assists Massachusetts National Guard, Reserve and Gold Star Families in times of need. The Foundation proudly administers the Massachusetts Military Family Relief Fund which was created by the state legislature after September 11, 2001 to recognize the unique contributions and sacrifices made by citizen service members. Taxpayers can directly support local service members through a voluntary contribution under Question 32E – the Mass. Military Family Relief Fund, on their Massachusetts State Income Tax Form.

“The Military Friends Adopt-A-Unit program and our other grant programs exist today because thousands of citizens across the Commonwealth take a few minutes every year to make a donation under Question 32E on their state income tax return,” said SGM Jim Kelly (Ret.), President of the Military Friends Foundation. “As an Iraq, veteran I can tell you firsthand that giving $5 or $10 truly makes a difference because it lets our military families know that friends and strangers a like support them.”

“It is humbling to know that through the Military Friends that we have the resources to respond to the unforeseen and unexpected needs of our soldiers and their families while we serve in Afghanistan – this is a true gift,” said Major Eric J. Dinoto of Melrose, the 182nd Battalion’s Executive Officer. This year all four Adopt-A-Unit runners-up including Reading’s 26 Yankee Brigade, Worcester’s 181st Infantry Battalion, Otis’ 102 Security Forces Squadron and Bourne’s 3/126 Aviation Battalion, will each receive a $3,000 Military Friends Foundation grant to also support unit morale.

Through generous donations, the Military Friends Foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Massachusetts military families. For more information on our grants and support programs, please visit or call (617) 733-7994.



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