Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

SPC Granger of Marshfield, 182nd Infantry


In July my Dad died, and I flew home from Afghanistan to arrange his funeral. Upon my return I realized that my disabled brother had nowhere to go. So after discussing my options with my chain of command, it was decided that staying home would be best for everyone. Unfortunately, I came home to a handful of bills, and after all of my Dads funeral expenses were taken care of, I had nothing left.

I was introduced to Military Friends immediately by my chain of command and help was right there. I called them up, and the very next day they paid me a visit. After learning of my troubles, they wanted to help however they could.  Military Friends has helped me pay my bills, put food on the table for my brother and I, and been completely supportive of me and my family. Without the help of Military Friends, the Gold Star Families that support us, and the commitment they’ve shown us, my brother and I would be financially in debt. I’d like to say Thank You to the Military Friends, Gold Star Families, and all of the generous donors who help support the programs and grants that are offered through this amazing program.


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